Hello everyone, thank you for stopping by. I am Ridzuan, and the girl standing beside me is Suziana. We’ve been brought together by what most people believe in; fate.

We would love to capture images of your precious moments and mostly we shoot every session together and make a super duo team. Our works on the whole is based on originality, essentiality and modern sensibility. It turns out that the results are classic and contemporary. We also love candid photos. We believe that, the images that we pour our heart into will say a lot about our client. For us, capturing moments that our clients totally in-love with will gratify us and therefore you don’t have to worry about our full commitment during the session. If photography is very important to you as much as we do, then we would be the perfect photo-duo-capturer for you.

We only accept a select number of commissions, allowing us to provide each client an exclusive privileges session. We basically based in Kuala Lumpur and Alor Setar, Malaysia, but willing to travel anywhere for our client satisfaction. If you are interested in our works and you’d like to contact us for pricing and availability, please fill out the contact form. Thanks!


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