Lina + Akma | Portrait Session

Well, these two girls are crazy..!! I was amazed by their personality which doesn’t came across me when i first met them..

I thought they were lil bit shy..but once i took out my camera… these girls gone wild….

Love them…

Untitled-4Untitled-6Untitled-5Untitled-2Untitled-3ina + akma-5ina + akma-8Untitled-1ina + akma-49Untitled-8ina + akma-51Untitled-7Untitled-9Untitled-10ina + akma-50ina + akma-47ina + akma-46ina + akma-45ina + akma-44ina + akma-42ina + akma-41ina + akma-20ina + akma-34ina + akma-19ina + akma-18ina + akma-17

Lina + Akma | Portrait Session

Photographed by | Suziana Rashid, Senior Photographer of Ridzuan Yahya Photography

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