Get A Photographer

Well, this is a late post and i just dont feel want to post it yet before because there were so many complicated things going on that day. But now that im ready, here are several photos on my engagement day. Yup, that’s rite, im engaged or should i say, we’re engaged. Yeay..!
Unfortunately, there was no official photographer on that day which kinda upset me later and kinda reason why i dont feel like to post it. I got my reason for that which i regret later. For those who are getting marry or engaged or having anything that you think will be the very best moment of your life, well this is my advice to you. ‘GET A PHOTOGRAPHER IN THE FIRST PLACE’ . Thank you 🙂

busuk 486177_2534041445739_230534844_n 559156_2534041725746_2030885708_n 533705_2537339768195_1171305808_n 374464_2534043925801_429228647_n 302812_2534044205808_122777304_n 423081_2534043645794_1599151695_n 521659_2534041845749_992802633_n 189690_2534042965777_1595901749_n 20410_2534044645819_2135749743_n 526123_2537337048127_931899749_n 540093_2537384609316_726531709_n 423017_2537385769345_920743631_n 230041_2534070486465_2107902934_n 69425_2537386169355_1649328732_n 423011_2537337328134_963746248_n 536453_2537338048152_1201437171_n 602643_2537337848147_682755729_n 561734_2537338768170_1621952250_n 21822_2534042485765_116868075_n


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